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Карта Венеции для пилигрима

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интереактивная карта

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Цвет гондол

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В поисках компании ARIA

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Местоположение офиса компании АРИЯ - одно из важных связующих звеньев между Нео-Венецией и Венецией.

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Эпизод 1/Episode 1

"That Wonderful Miracle ..."
"Sono Suteki na Kiseki o ..." (その 素敵な奇跡を...)

A young girl, Ai, arrives at Aria Company and demands that Akari give her a gondola tour of the city of Neo-Venezia. When Akari protests that, as a Single (journeyman undine), she is not allowed to guide customers without a supervisor, Ai insists she be taken as a "friend" instead of a "customer," and Akari gives in. As they tour Neo-Venezia, Ai tells Akari she does not like it because of its inconveniences, to which Akari replies that the slow pace is exactly what she likes about Aqua. After meeting Akari's friend Aika for gondola practice and lunch, the older girls learn that Ai was predisposed to dislike Neo-Venezia because of her older sister's gushing after her honeymoon, which included a tour from Alicia. When President Aria, the company president and mascot, falls overboard and drifts out into the bay, Akari rows after him but he is saved instead by Alicia. At the end of the day, Ai has come to like Neo-Venezia through Akari and Aika, and asks to become Akari's penpal. That evening, Akari tells her mentor, Alicia, that it is a miracle to like something you had previously disliked.

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The first season of Aria consisted of 13 episodes broadcast on TV Tokyo Network stations from 6 October 2005 to 29 December 2005. The opening theme is "Undine" (ウンディーネ?) by Yui Makino and the ending theme is "Rainbow" by Round Table feat. Nino. The logo for this season is colored deep blue. The episodes were released in Japan on six DVDs between 25 January 2006 and 23 June 2006. A DVD season box set was released on 25 March 2009.
In North America, a DVD box set of English subtitled episodes was released on 30 September 2008 by The Right Stuf International under its Nozomi Entertainment imprint. In Taiwan, the series was released by Muse Communications in six DVDs subtitled in Chinese. In Korea, dubbed episodes were broadcast in 2006 by Animax Asia, where it was the 6th most popular animated show broadcast that year. In Italy, the series is licensed by Yamato Video and dubbed episodes were broadcast on the RAI satellite channel SmashGirls starting 20 June 2009.

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